About Us

About Us

Dr. Anthony van den Bergh (BSc, MChiro) received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland (1997), Master in Chiropractic from Macquarie University (2000), and has completed post-graduate studies in Clinical Neuroscience through the Carrick Institute of the USA. He has been a tutor and prosector for the Department of Anatomical Sciences, University of Queensland, and the Chiropractic undergraduate program for Central Queensland University, Brisbane campus.

Dr van den Bergh has worked in a number of practices in Brisbane and Sydney before establishing Newmarket Centre for Spinal Health in 2006. The clinic has since moved to Windsor in 2011 and was renamed Windsor Spinal Health. Dr van den Bergh’s areas of clinical interest include chronic spinal pain, the neurology of spinal control, dizziness, headache, balance, and fall prevention.

dr erich gubier

Dr. Erich Gubier first degree was in Civil Engineering from the University of Queensland. Erich worked as an engineer for five years before being inspired to make a change. While attending a conference in Sydney, Erich met a chiropractor and received his first chiropractic adjustment. He was so impressed with the results and inspired by the philosophy that six months later he had returned to university to embark on the five-year chiropractic program.

Upon graduation from Macquarie University, Erich received the Chiropractic Alumni Student Award from his teachers and peers. He has taught chiropractic skills to Drs of chiropractic in Australia, New Zealand, America, and Spain. Dr. Erich Gubier ran his own clinic for 10yrs before deciding to join up with Dr van den Bergh. He continues to be inspired by chiropractic and the results that it can achieve.